Tutorial: How to get mini music player

Step 1: Download the song you want to play on your blog (You can only have one!)

Step 2: Go to this website and click “Browse” and select the file of your MP3 and click “Start Upload”

Step 3: After it’s finished uploading, click on “My Files” in the upper right corner


^ Looks like that

Step 4: Click on your MP3 and highlight/copy the direct hotlink

Step 5: Now, go here and erase the code that’s already in the MP3 box, and paste in your new one

Step 6: Now you can customize the player. Where it says “Category”, click on “Colors” to edit the colors

^Looks like that

Step 7. Now highlight/copy the code in the HTML Code box, paste it wherever you want, and you’re done!

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